Emergency Management

Floods, earthquakes, severe storms, landslides, hazardous material spills, and wildfires are just a few examples of emergencies in Cache County that Emergency Management has played an active roll in. But what does Emergency Management do when there are no emergencies? Emergency Management coordinates a number of ongoing programs such as homeland security, domestic preparedness, flood mitigation, emergency alert system, and interagency coordination that make Cache Valley a safer, better place to work and live.

Will Lusk is the Emergency Management Coordinator for Cache County. His responsibility includes emergency preparedness education to help families prepare to be self-reliant during a disaster. He also oversees the day-to-day operation of the Emergency Operations Center (E.O.C.). Its purpose is to provide the physical location and the equipment necessary for those persons responsible for managing a countywide emergency or disaster.

Emergency Management maintains and assists in training a pool of volunteer groups. Three groups that are used extensively to aid the Sheriff's Office are the Cache County Sheriff's Search and Rescue, the Cache County Sheriff's Mounted Posse, and the Emergency Radio Operators. They donate approximately 1500 man hours per year in assisting the Sheriff's Office on emergency operations. In addition, they donate another 4000+ hours assisting on parades, the County Fair, and community service and education projects. These volunteers are valuable assets who maintain their skills by spending countless hours in training.