STAR Deputy

The STAR (Sheriff's Town and Area Representative) Deputy Program was developed to provide each citizen with a direct link to the Sheriff's Office. A STAR Deputy is assigned to each city in the county. The Deputy attends the monthly city council meetings and assists them with things such as Neighborhood Watch, McGruff House programs, National Night Out Against Crime, and anything else the city is in need of. Citizens are encouraged to contact their STAR Deputy with any questions or concerns they may have.


Contract Towns/Areas


STAR Deputy(s)


Deputy S. Jensen      


Deputy V. Hutton


Deputy T. Moake


Deputy B. Groves

 Forest Service   

Sgt. W. Goring

Deputy T. Ramirez

Deputy B. Nielson

Deputy K. Wuthrich


Deputy R. Tanner

Deputy M. Anderson


Deputy C. Sutherland


Deputy C. Hess

Deputy D. Peatross

 Newton Deputy D. Batt

Deputy B. Nyberg


Deputy K Merkley


Deputy B. Nyberg


Deputy R Bergsjo

Deputy B. Nelson

River Heights Deputy M. Flansburg
Trenton Deputy D. Openshaw

Deputy B. Ibey

Deputy R. Black


School Resource Officers




Sergeant  Sergeant B. Hansen  
NOVA (Cache County
Elementary Schools)

Deputy L. Stauffer

Deputy B. Douglas

South Cache 8-9 Center Deputy D. Pugmire  
Mountain Crest High School    Deputy M. Richardson  
Sky View High School Deputy C. Kerr  
North Cache 8-9 Center Deputy M. Hansen  
Spring Creek Middle School Deputy D. Pugmire  
White Pine Middle School Deputy M. Hansen  
Willow Valley Middle School Deputy D. Pugmire  
Cache High School Deputy C. Kerr  


 Other Areas



Animal Control                     

Deputy F. Powell

Deputy D. Toone