Accreditation: Corrections


National Sheriffs’ Association Jail Accreditation


On June 3, 2011 Cache County Sheriff’s Office received notification for achieving 100% compliance in voluntarily participating with the National Sheriffs’ Association Jail Accreditation Pilot Program. Cache County, Utah is the first county in the United States to achieve accreditation recognition through the pilot program. The pilot accreditation program offered through the NSA Jail Training Initiative was established in cooperation with the Utah Sheriffs’ Association. The accreditation was based on compliance to 594 legal-based guidelines as a means to assist jails to become safer, more secure and to pro-actively protect themselves against liability. The accreditation inspection team began verifying compliancy to the guidelines and required proofs of documentation on March 30, 2011 and completed the on-site inspection April 11-13, 2011. The onsite verification consisted of interviews with staff, observations of procedure and a thorough walkthru inspection of the jail facility in its entirety by the inspection team. 


“The efforts made by the sheriff and jail staff to bring and maintain the facility in a high state of compliance on a daily basis are certainly recognized as a first in Utah and the country,” said Haze Locke, Chief of Inspections and Accreditation for the Utah Sheriffs’ Association. “Such an achievement does not occur without hard work, training and dedication.”


The Cache County Sheriff's Office staff began the process a year ago with a thorough selfexamination of the jail facility, its policies and operations to ensure compliance with the guidelines necessary for accreditation. The guidelines cover such areas as the jail's administrative operations, staff and management training, safety and security, inmate management, classification, discipline, records, food service, sanitation, physical facilities, health care and other inmate programs and services. To be accredited in the pilot program, a jail must be in compliance with 100% of the core guidelines and 95% of the non-core guidelines.


Accreditation requires consistency and continual updates to policy, procedure and training over the next two years. Jail staff will continue to work to improve some areas identified during the inspection and accreditation process to maintain continual compliance to the guidelines and improve overall operations.